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State and Local GND Fights From Around the Country

Since 2020, the Green New Deal Network has been building out a robust network of allied organizations that are committed to fighting for a Green New Deal at the tribal, state, and local levels.

Since then, we have re-granted over $23 million to our state network to:
  • Build strong tables that intersect across environmental justice, organized labor, and climate groups
  • Pass state and local legislation toward a Green New Deal, including bringing federal climate investments to the communities that need it the most
  • Coordinate on federal fights to strengthen and pass national legislation that brings us closer to a Green New Deal

Here are just a few recent wins that our state partners helped secure:

  • Alaska organized a fly-in/lobby day and passed the Renewable Energy Grant Fund in May 2023 to support cost-effective renewable energy projects.
  • Delaware helped pass the Climate Change Solutions Act, which aligns the state’s Green House Gas emission reduction goals with those of the Paris Climate Agreement.
  • New York secured three major legislative climate wins in 2023: the Climate Action Fund to replace fossil fuel infrastructure with clean energy projects, the All-Electric Buildings Act bans fossil fuels in most new buildings, and the Build Public Renewables Act builds publicly owned 100% renewable energy projects that will be owned by all New Yorkers.
  • Oregon passed the Climate Resilience Package, which contains six landmark bills for the state, including new affordable housing projects, community resilience hubs to benefit vulnerable populations during climate disasters, and improved building efficiency standards.
  • Minnesota spent years working toward and ultimately passing a state clean energy bill that will move the state toward 100% clean energy by 2040 and ensure strong labor and justice standards are prioritized in these new investments.

The national Green New Deal staff continues to support state efforts to ensure that federal money from the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and the Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act (IIJA) actually reaches the communities that need it most.

  • In 2023, we developed an implementation resource guide for states with campaign ideas and opportunities to bring federal funds to state and local projects.
  • West Virginia has visited 47 towns (and counting!) across the southwestern part of the state to present on the various benefits of IRA/IIJA and has helped many municipalities apply for the grants, including new solar projects, charging stations, and other new clean energy projects.  
  • Arizona has put together a Climate Resilience Pilot Program to support frontline and BIPOC communities in accessing IRA  funds. The campaign will assist a dozen community organizations and leaders in developing IRA demo projects in their communities.

Join the Green New Deal Network state network!

Are you a Green New Deal-aligned state or local organization that wants to fight alongside us for strong climate, justice, and labor policies across the country?