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Coalition History

In 2020, 15 leading national movements and organizations across sectors launched the Green New Deal Network, a decade-long campaign fighting to pump $1 trillion per year of federal climate justice investments into communities across the country. The coalition launched following the breakthrough Green New Deal campaign in 2018 that was a culmination of decades of organizing for bold public investments, new green jobs, and action on environmental justice. 

Every dollar invested would create family-sustaining jobs, rapidly advance our renewable energy transition, and modernize our society to be economically, racially, and socially equitable for all. Five years later, GNDN has built the grassroots power and political will to pass billions of federal dollars in climate justice policies, but we have a long way to go to win the Green New Deal. 

As the political and social climate in the country shifts, the Green New Deal Network is expanding and evolving to continue the fight for $10 trillion of federal investments by 2030 in solutions that are community led, sustainably powered, and equitably funded.

What We Do

Congressional champions stand in front of the capitol after the reintroduction of the Green New Deal resolution

The Green New Deal Network’s mission is to build the movement that wins big investments at every scale of government to renew our communities in the face of climate change, economic insecurity, and social injustices. At its core, the Green New Deal is a vision for a future that fundamentally alters our entire society, investing in making every sector of our economy equitable, resilient, and sustainable so that our communities are safe and healthy.

We are building a powerful movement with representation from all communities & sectors impacted by the climate crisis to win a true, full-scale Green New Deal.

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