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The Guardian: Climate groups launch national tour for Green New Deal

Exclusive: Multi-state tour, launching in Michigan on Sunday, aims to pressure Biden on climate action before 2024 election

Politico: Biden faces calls to declare climate emergency as he heads to Maui

Climate groups and many of the president’s allies in Congress urge him to invoke emergency powers to mitigate environmental threats.

The Grio: Biden urged to go beyond landmark climate investments to ‘heal historical harms’

“The environmental movement has…been led by a lot of white folks who aren’t experiencing these traumatic events in the same way that our communities might,” said Kaniela Ing of the Green New Deal Network.

The Detroit News: Elected officials, activists rally for Green New Deal in Dearborn

Elected officials and activists rallied for climate justice Sunday in Dearborn, stressing what people and local governments can do to support a Green New Deal.

The Hill: GM concession bolsters EV proponents amid auto strike

GM’s recent concession to the United Auto Workers (UAW) union on electric vehicles (EVs) marks a victory for renewable energy proponents, countering the idea that the EV transition inherently conflicts with labor interests. 

Rolling Stone: Democrats Are Releasing a Massive Green Jobs and Justice Plan. Here’s What’s In It

The THRIVE Act aims to create 15 million new “family-sustaining” jobs while lifting up communities that have borne the brunt of environmental and racial injustice

Common Dreams: Over 650 Progressive Groups Vow to Fight ‘Dirty’ Manchin Deal ‘With Everything We’ve Got’

Broad coalition calls on Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to “stand with the communities who continue to bear the brunt of harm from fossil fuels and act to prevent wholesale climate disaster.”