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What is the Green New Deal Network? The Green New Deal Network (GNDN) is a united front coalition of community, environmental justice, green, and labor organizations united for the purpose of coordinating strategic campaigns that will change the political landscape, pass groundbreaking Green New Deal legislation at all levels of government, and defend its implementation. 

What is GNDN’s Theory of Change? GNDN’s Theory of Change has three interdependent components: (A) building a united front, (B) power-building, and (C) a mutually reinforcing state/national feedback loop. Read more on our Theory of Change here

What are GNDN’s guiding principles? Our guiding principles are as follows:

  • We bring together racial justice, climate, labor, Indigenous, care, and other movements in a shared strategy to win a federal Green New Deal. 
  • We build the good and name the bad while working synergistically with other coalitions, leading campaigns focusing on “stopping the bad.”
  • We advocate for equitable investments in historically underserved and disadvantaged communities, including, but not limited to, Black, Indigenous nations and communities, Latinx, Arab, Asian, and Pacific Islander communities, and support the efforts of these communities to counteract racial, ethnic, gender, and other social and economic injustices.
  • We work to expand green union jobs, safe working conditions, and fairness for workers and communities affected by economic transitions.
  • We demonstrate mutual respect and principled struggle, honor our collective agreements, and recognize the inherent differences in a united front coalition.
  • We operate by soliciting broad input and a majority vote. 

Who should join the GNDN? National organizations aligned with the mission of winning a Green New Deal are encouraged to apply. We are eager to expand our membership with other BIPOC-led organizations in particular.

What does membership include? Membership includes access to GNDN staff to recommend new programs and projects and regular updates and intel on network-wide mobilizations and GND political developments. GNDN also hosts working groups to discuss and cohere around strategy and tactics and develop tools and resources. Read more in the Membership Charter.

How can I learn more about becoming a member of the Green New Deal Network? For more details, contact GNDN staff at or schedule an informational call

How can my organization become a member? Membership requires approval by GNDN’s steering committee. To apply for membership, complete this New Member Application Form

How can other organizations and socially responsible corporations support the work? We appreciate the support! You can subscribe to GNDN’s monthly newsletter, follow us on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram, and always donate

Is there any financial commitment to joining the GNDN?

There is no financial commitment at this time.