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Over 200 union reps, community leaders, and organizers rally in DC on July 2023 to uplift the incredible work of millions of union siblings fighting for better pay and working conditions.

On September 15th, the UAW went on a creative, escalating Stand Up strike against the “Big 3” auto companies — Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis — to demand fairer wages, an end to the unequal two-tier wage system, and better working conditions.

Three weeks in, 25,000 workers were on strike when the union secured transformative commitments from GM to include its EV battery manufacturing facilities in the UAW’s national contract. The union went on to pile up historic wins, improving thousands of lives.

The victory demonstrates the power of organized labor in leading the just transition to a renewable energy economy.

Corporations who have long exploited their employees and our environment are being reigned in by the workers that drive our economy.

The Green New Deal movement was proud to stand in solidarity with UAW workers every day in demanding the future we all deserve and we are committed to standing with them in their fight to unionize every auto company. The renewable energy economy we are building will take the rampant corporate greed and unchecked corporate pollution that have become the norm in our fossil fuel-powered economy head on.

“We’re going to stand with every single worker in this country until every single worker in this country wins a fair contract.”

NBC News: UAW members officially ratify new contract with Detroit’s Big Three, union says

The United Auto Workers said that employees at Ford, Stellantis and GM approved contracts with “record” increases in pay and benefits.

The Hill: GM concession bolsters EV proponents amid auto strike

GM’s recent concession to the United Auto Workers (UAW) union on electric vehicles (EVs) marks a victory for renewable energy proponents, countering the idea that the EV transition inherently conflicts with labor interests. 

“Workers and the labor movement have to go hand-in-hand as we grow this movement to make sure we save our environment, our earth, and protect our public health.

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