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Press Release

March 17, 2022
Contact: Sumer Shaikh, Green New Deal Network,, 774-545-0128

WASHINGTON D.C. — Today, in a move supported by the Green New Deal Network and other progressive organizations, the Congressional Progressive Caucus urged President Biden to issue an executive order that recognizes the climate crisis for what it is: a code red emergency. Not only would such a measure mitigate one of the greatest threats of our time, but it would also invest in a healthy, green economy, modern and reliable power, and, most importantly, a country where future generations can thrive.

Our country’s dangerous over reliance on fossil fuels to power the most basic of functions is built on the backs of people who have consequently endured polluted air and water, extreme natural disasters, and chronic health conditions. To make matters worse, by failing to transition to a sustainable infrastructure, the US is missing an opportunity to create new, dignified union jobs, reduce the cost of energy, and be independent of foreign energy. Instead of pandering to corporate polluters and their profit margins, our lawmakers should be putting all our resources, technology, and innovation behind creating a just transition to a world that is protected from climate change

Activists, volunteers, and impacted communities have labored for decades to have their voices heard in Washington and, today, have found allies amongst the Congressional Progressive Caucus as these leaders continue the fight for executive and legislative climate action that is as bold and urgent as the crisis. As organizations collectively representing millions of members and supporters, including Indigenous, Black, Brown, and frontline communities, the Green New Deal Network urges President Biden to use his executive authority to end the expansion of fossil fuels, protect our communities from the climate emergency, and rapidly scale up production of renewable energy.

In response, members of the Green New Deal Network issues the following statements: 

Ann Clancy, Associate Director of Climate Policy at Indivisible said, “During the presidential campaign, Joe Biden identified the devastating impacts of climate change as one of the major threats facing our country, and deemed it as a top priority for his presidency. Even as we continue to push for Congress to pass bold climate change legislation, President Biden must do everything within his power to enact bold policy proposals to address this crisis. Indivisible applauds the CPC’s call for sweeping executive actions to address the multiple and overlapping crises our communities are facing. We urge President Biden to use the full authority of his office to transition us to a clean energy future, invest in millions of good paying jobs, support clean and healthy communities, and prioritize a just and equitable society.”

“The Biden administration talks big about confronting the climate crisis, pandemic, and economic crisis, but has expanded fossil fuel extraction in the US and failed to deliver on critical climate and social investments in his first year. President Biden still has a chance to mobilize a historic response to meet the scale of today’s overlapping crises. He must use the executive powers at his disposal to declare a Climate Emergency, ban fossil fuel extraction on federal lands and waters, and deliver on all the promises he has made to stand up for Black, Indigenous, communities of color, and working class people,” said  Adrien Salazar, Policy Director at Grassroots Global Justice Alliance.

Ashley Nicole, Green New Deal Coordinator at Indigenous Environmental Network said, “President Biden has demonstrated his lack of commitment to the very communities who elected him to office. He has stalled on climate action, abandoning Black, Indigenous, Brown, & other frontline communities who don’t have time to negotiate with neoliberals, capitalists, and white supremacists when their very existence is at stake. This is why Indigenous Environmental Network stands alongside the CPC to demand Biden use his executive powers to declare a Climate Emergency and ban drilling on federal lands and waters. Our collective futures depend on bold climate action now!”

“Our elected officials can’t keep phoning it in when it comes to the climate emergency. Generations of expanded fossil fuel reliance made extractive policies the norm–and now we’re all paying the price for polluter greed. President Biden needs to listen to the Congressional Progressive Caucus and use his power to deliver for our communities, especially the poor, Native, Black, and brown communities hit first and worst by the climate crisis and environmental racism,” said Ben Ishibashi, Lead Climate Justice Organizer at People’s Action.

Maurice Mitchell, National Director of the Working Families Party said, “These orders would help millions of hard-working people make ends meet while addressing the threats of climate change and COVID-19. Meeting the scale of these challenges will require Congressional action, but President Biden can give working families much-needed relief by taking executive action now. These orders are a testament to years of grassroots organizing led by frontline communities, and we’re proud to stand alongside the Congressional Progressive Caucus as they once again lead the fight to deliver for working people.”


About the Green New Deal Network

The Green New Deal Network is a 50-state campaign with a national coordinating table of 15 organizations: Center for Popular Democracy, Climate Justice Alliance, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, Greenpeace, Indigenous Environmental Network, Indivisible, Movement for Black Lives, MoveOn, People’s Action, Right To The City Alliance, Service Employees International Union, Sierra Club, Sunrise Movement, US Climate Action Network, and the Working Families Party.