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Press Release


September 30, 2021


Sumer Shaikh, Green New Deal Network,, 774-545-0128

National Organizations Urge House to Hold the Line in Fight for Build Back Better Plan

Washington, D.C. — Today, a broad array of influential organizations is weighing in with members of Congress and urging them to vote “no” on the bipartisan infrastructure bill until they secure passage of the broader Build Back Better framework that includes climate solutions, care for those in need, equitable investments in our communities, and millions of good, union jobs.

Progressive grassroots organizations in the Green New Deal Network coalition release the following statements, supporting the Congressional Progressive Caucus strategy to pass both plans together and ensuring communities across the country recover and thrive.

Center for Popular Democracy

“It is long past time for Congress to deliver on the mandate for climate solutions, care for those in need, a path to citizenship, and the investments in our future that voters delivered in record numbers last year. This requires passage of the full Build Back Better deal including two bills: the bipartisan roads and bridges bill as well as the broader investments bill moving through the reconciliation process. We support the position of the Congressional Progressive Caucus that the smaller roads and bridges bill must not pass until the full deal has been secured.”

Jennifer Epps-Addison, Network President and Co-Executive Director

Grassroots Global Justice Alliance

“Black, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, and Latinx communities turned out in record numbers last election giving a mandate for Congress and this administration to deliver on the issues that affect our lives — climate, healthcare, jobs, immigration, and environmental justice. Democrats should stop gesturing towards right-wing ideologues who seek to harm our communities. This is the time for our elected leaders to stop talking and posturing, and to start acting. We urge Members of Congress to commit to no more cuts, to hold the line against dirty energy investments that harm our communities, and to pass a package that truly invests in climate, care, and justice to transform our economy. ”

–Adrien Salazar, Policy Director


“Right now we need expansive climate action that follows the demands of science and justice. Our representatives were elected to make this happen by setting policies that hasten the transition to a renewable energy economy, ending sacrifice zones and supporting the communities who’ve been subjected to fossil fuel pollution by providing them with clean water, air, and land. Today, House Democrats have a rare opportunity to set the course for a future that will not only see our communities survive, but thrive. The House must pass the full, transformative Build Back Better deal.”

—Ashley Thomson, Climate Campaigner


“Progressives have been good faith negotiators from the start, and in fact the only ones working to deliver on long standing Democratic priorities like expanding health care, addressing the climate crisis, and unrigging our economy. Given the crises of a pandemic, racial injustice, and climate catastrophe, passing the full Build Back Better Act is non-negotiable. We thank progressives for prioritizing the needs of our communities and holding the line in Congress. We will continue to have their backs as they work to create the inclusive recovery that meets this pivotal moment. It’s time to deliver.”

— Mary Small, National Advocacy Director


“We applaud House Democrats who are boldly holding the line for better care for our families, our planet, and our futures, not the bottom line for big corporations. MoveOn is proud to see these champions taking a stand against corporate lobbyists, corporate Democrats, and insufficient and incremental policies that don’t meet the moment. These leaders haven’t backed away from the mandate from 81 million voters who voted for Biden to build back better. They know that by taxing the ultra wealthy, we can deliver on the people’s agenda to combat climate change, bolster the care economy, and ensure a pathway to citizenship for millions of families.”

Rahna Epting, Executive Director

People’s Action

“People’s Action’s millions of members are hardworking people and families who were forced to struggle to survive, long before the pandemic. President’s Biden’s Build Back Better agenda would deliver them the big wins on health care, climate, and jobs that they need and deserve. We support the progressive House champions who are battling corporate Democrats and the wealthy elites funding them to Build Back Better, and we urge the rest of Congress to do what we sent them there to do: fight for  us.”

—Kaniela Ing, Climate Justice Campaign Director 

Right To The City Alliance

“Congress has a historic opportunity to finally meet the needs of millions of people across the country who have demanded a solution to the economic and climate crisis by investing into a care economy and passing the Build Back Better Plan. It’s crystal clear to us that if Congress passes the infrastructure plan today, the prospects for the Build Back Better plan are grim at best and puts affordable, healthy, and sustainable housing on the chopping block. Congress members must hold the line and vote no.”

 Jayanni Webster, National Field Organizer

Sierra Club

“To get to a ‘yes’ on climate, members of Congress need to vote ‘no’ for now on the inadequate bipartisan infrastructure bill that fails to meaningfully tackle the climate crisis on its own. Congress must pass the Build Back Better Act’s transformational investments in our communities before moving the bipartisan bill forward. That’s the path to a future of cleaner air and water, higher wages, greater racial and economic justice, healthier communities, and a livable climate for all.”

— Ben Beachy, Living Economy Program Director, Sierra Club

Sunrise Movement

“The climate crisis is here and demands immediate action from Congress. Building Back Better means that Congress must pass a robust reconciliation package before the bipartisan infrastructure package – one that boldly invests in our infrastructure, fully funds the Civilian Climate Corps and ensures that a clean energy standard excludes gas so we can finally kick off the Decade of the Green New Deal. No Climate. No Deal.”

Varshini Prakash, Executive Director

US Climate Action Network

“Congress has a once in a generation opportunity to invest big and bold into our communities, yet Republicans and moderate obstructionists have spent months swindling away this opportunity with every cut to the Build Back Better budget. Progressives members are doing their best to hold the line on the reconciliation budget to fulfil their promises to voters to act on climate, care, jobs and justice and we, your constituents and community members, applaud your leadership. We need a reconciliation budget to pass alongside the bipartisan infrastructure plan to put us on the path to a Green New Deal that creates a fairer, healthier, and safer world and the House has a golden chance to lead us down this path.”

—Keya Chatterjee, Executive Director

Working Families Party

“We urgently need to combat the climate crisis, make prescription drugs cheaper, and ensure child care is affordable. Democrats ran and won on these popular issues last November – now is the time to deliver by passing the full Build Back Better agenda. To all of our Congressional allies that are refusing to bend to the wealthy donors and big corporations that are desperately trying to block Build Back Better: Keep holding the line. Millions of working people are with you.”

—Maurice Mitchell, National Director


About the Green New Deal Network

The Green New Deal Network is a 50-state campaign with a national coordinating table of 15 organizations: Center for Popular Democracy, Climate Justice Alliance, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, Greenpeace, Indigenous Environmental Network, Indivisible, Movement for Black Lives, MoveOn, People’s Action, Right To The City Alliance, Service Employees International Union, Sierra Club, Sunrise Movement, US Climate Action Network, and the Working Families Party.