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Giancarlo Valdetaro


Legislative Associate

Giancarlo Valdetaro is a transportation policy professional and movement builder living in Washington, D.C. With a background in electoral politics and the movement for a more sustainable and just transportation system, he looks to pull all the transportation policy levers we can in the fight for a Green New Deal.

Nassim Ashford


Legislative Associate

Nassim Ashford is a legislative associate with a strong commitment to public health and environmental justice, having led and supported initiatives that alleviate community health disparities and promote environmental stewardship. He’s a Yale School of Public Health graduate and former public health associate for the CDC, as well as team member Congresswoman Karen Bass, and co-founder of NoirUnited International.

Priya Mulgaonkar


Senior Policy & Field Manager

Priya Mulgaonkar has worked for a decade at the intersection of policy, planning, and organizing to advocate for environmental and climate justice solutions that center frontline communities. She brings prior experience working at Hester Street and the NYC Environmental Justice Alliance to her current role at GNDN, where her work supports research and capacity building for state and federal climate advocacy campaigns.

Saul Levin


Legislative & Political Director

Saul Levin is a union organizer and climate campaigner from Michigan. He co-founded and served as a Vice President of the Congressional Workers Union and worked as Policy Advisor for Congresswomen Cori Bush and Deb Haaland. In winters, he plays pond hockey with his three siblings.